05 Dec 2017

How to fix the slow Server Response Time?

Know what happens whenever a page is loaded? Google recommends to keep response time under 200ms.
29 Nov 2017

Why do you need to eliminate render blocking CSS, JS?

Nothing will load until the CSS and JS file loads or parsed. Do you wish to see your page like
01 Nov 2017

How slow loading websites sucks your money on Google Adwords?

Investing in ads confines results to either money gain or drain. Load the website faster to earn faster.
17 Jun 2017

Should I use plugins on my WordPress website?

We at WebSpeedMaster are living with Wordpress since its birth and our expertise with it helps us deep dive with
Website Optimization
25 Apr 2016

Optimize the website to load fast

Website load time is very important factor which even decides the revenue of the business. Statistical data tells that high-speed
Backlink Removals
14 Jan 2016

Guidelines to backlink removals

When it comes to the ranking, the links earned by the website plays a major role. Back links can hurt