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After years of trying to optimize my blog without much success I responded to an email from Kannan. I was skeptical as I get many of these types of requests. With that said, I was quickly impressed with Kannan’s response time and very affordable prices. He clearly set a baseline and expectation for the project.
Over the next week, his team worked on my site. When they were done, the speed was significantly faster. I would highly recommend their services (even for smaller sites with limited budget).

Adam Staelin -
Customer Account Manager at Avalara
- North Carolina

Supported by a great number two Brindha and the rest of the team, I have enjoyed the best service from anyone I care to remember in all the years I have been in business.

In addition to the brilliant work they did speed optimising my website, they are courteous helpful and respond almost instantly to any requests.

I am now enjoying a 25% increase in business from my website https://www.multigadget.insure since utilising the services of Kannan and his team

My only regret is that I did not discover them earlier as they have been so refreshing to deal with and helped my business enormously.

Kevin Slowther -
- United Kingdom

WOW – Great Service !!!! I requested a quote Friday afternoon and had a very affordable quote from Kan in a couple hours. Another quote I had was triple the price. Our new website was a victim of a heavy WordPress theme, and mobile speed was poor. Brindha had the site optimized by Tuesday. Page performance was initially at over 11 seconds and now is under 3 seconds. I asked some questions and every one was answered quickly. I’ve already recommended Web Speed Master twice this week. You want great performance and personal service – contact Web Speed Master

Robert Bleau -
Business Owner at Half Price PPC
- Phoenix

Kannan and his team came in when my website was experiencing a lot of technical problems and I did not know who to turn to and who to trust with optimization and new template transitioning issues. Kannan and Brindha put my mind at ease with their frequent and clear communications and the quality of work was outstanding. My website is now in very good shape and I can finally go back to concentrating on the content. I wish I had hired Kannan’s company sooner. He had found me himself and offered help. From his communications style it was clear right away that he was a serious and experienced professional. I appreciated the accountability and respect I got every step of the way. I highly recommend Kannan and will definitely use his services again.

Anna-Maria Castro -
Social community manager at Spanishoegallery
- London

Kannan’s and his team, in particular Brindha, have been fantastic with the quality & sincerity of their work. For a new online start up we were experiencing considerable website performance issues. Kannan was very good and quick to troubleshoot and went well beyond his call of duty. Not only did he improve the performance of the website significantly but also assisted us with recommendation, migration and setting up of a new host provider. He’s number one in our contact list and will definitely procure his services with web SEO analysis and optimisation in the future. All the best and congrats for a job very well done!

Sunny Bhasin
GM/ Training, Logistics & Property at TransGrid
- Australia

Kan and his team did a phenomenal job in improving the page load speed of the website of our organization. Outstanding. Both performance communication throughout the project. I saw his many 5 stars reviews on his website before I hired him for the job. All that is left for me to do is to add my own 5 stars review. Highly recommended.

Ze'ev Nevo -
Evangelist at Israel Media Ministries
- North Carolina

I can highly recommend Mr. Kannan Rajendiran and his Webspeedmaster-team, thy did a brilliant job, reducing the loading speed of my website (portfolio site for professional photography services) www.eikonas.net by more than 70 percent within a couple of days. Communication was perfect, Kannan and his team (special thanks to Brindha!!!) were always available and professional in communicating and performing the solutions, they were providing  – the results are impressive. I appreciate the professional service and am happy to continue working with Webspeedmaster.com on future projects.

Many greetings from Austria

Guenther Achleitner
CEO EIKONAS Photography
- Austria

Thank you, Webspeedmaster, for reducing the loading speed of our home page from about seven seconds to less than one second (loading speed within Australia) without compromising the main content of our home page. The result surpasses my expectations.

Dietrich Lasa
Founder of Animato
- Australia

I am so very happy to recommend Kannan for his expert and efficient work on my website. The website was extremely slow and only rated at 17%. Within 4 days, for a very small amount of money, he improved the loading time to 1.5 seconds and the rating to 99%. Kannan and his company are very well established and I am one of the lucky customers who discovered his service. There are many more testimonials on his website and I do appreciate this service so much. He has assisted me with my 30 year old dream of creating a charity art print website come true! It is a miracle to have this done. I was really unsure where to go or what to do to fix the website! Many thanks to Kannan and his staff.

Laara WilliamSen
International professional painter
- Canada

I think Webspeedmaster is the best choice for your business / website because he has extensive experience in the field of optimization. Overall Webspeedmaster I can recommend them for several reasons:
– Fast communication
– Honest and quality work
– Satisfaction guaranteed
– Real and noticeable results
– Final report after optimization

Webspeedmaster team helped us accelerate shop and helped us sell more!

Bruno Semančík
- Czech Republic

When I was first contacted by Kan, my site was miserably slow, and I really needed the help he was offering – but it seemed too good to be true, so I contacted some of his references. Many replied and all had good things to say, now I do to. If you need your WordPress site to be faster, Kan seems to be quite good at that. He is also pleasant, responsive and fast. We even had some extra issues specific to my site, and he was quick to investigate and to try to help. I highly recommend Kan as a resource to speed up your site.

David Masover -

At www.canallondres.tv, an online tv channel, we needed to improve our page speed performance in order to offer our audience a better experience watching our videos and meet Google’s demands, mainly for mobile users.
We got in touch with Kannan, and 3 days after agreeing to his proposal our website completely changed. The improvement was really impressive. We fully recommend his work if you want a great result for your page speed. Silvino Ferreira Jr & Susan Ferreira

Silvino Ferreira Jr -
Canal Londres. A tv dos brasileiros na Europa
- Brazil

Simone Montalto: If you are trying to speed up your website at an affordable price, Kanspeed is the best solution . Professionalism and competence, with daily feedback on the performance optimization. High availability also in solving various problems on the site, with tips targeted to get even better performance.

Simone Montalto
- Italy

Kannan is very detail oriented and easy to work with. We worked with Kan on speeding up the loading time of the website. He did a great job and decreased the loading time markedly. He also provided us with new ideas to how to make it even faster. Kan is a reliable, trustworthy, very helpful and a real professional. We hope to continue working with him in the future on new projects. Highly recommended! A+

Ebru Belgin
- United States

I highly recommend Kan and his team. They were able to dramatically improve our site speed without sacrificing any functionality or quality of our site. I am very impressed with our results.

David Prian -
Digital Marketing Specialist at Phoenix Online Media

Thank you Kan for these sound advice optimization term. With Kanspeed I could recode my .htaccess. In order to get correct results.

I was able to remove a majority of the superfluous code.

Being on VPS, I could begin to seriously exploit the capabilities of my server. All I need, as suggested by Kan, possibly applying a CDN.

- France

We were delighted with our new wordpress website and were very disappointed when we started getting comments from friends, colleagues and potential clients that the website was running very slowly and people were giving up waiting for the pages to load. By searching the web we managed to find ways to reduce the time to load from 11 seconds to 8 seconds ourselves but realised that wasn’t good enough. Within 2 days Kan managed to reduce this to around 3 seconds from the U.S. and just over 1 second from Europe (we are UK based) so we were extremely pleased. Thanks Kan…

Caroline Wall
- UK

Kannan did a good job on my website www.kunst-in-bildern.de. After his optimization of my Drupal page the average speed went up noticeably. A saw the best results on GTmetrix, where the PageSpeed score jumped from 88% up to 90% and YSlow Score form 67% to 76%. Communication with Kannan was good as well. A warm ‘Thanks for the great job’ to India

Fabian Kockartz
Webmaster – Kunst-in-Bildern
- Denmark

I think even my partner, who cant stand me being involved in his IT area, will admit this was a fantastic idea  to get you involved and you have achieved a great result…without changing hosting providers…..the problem was the web site and you fixed it massively.

Bill Brown
Business Development
- Australia

Kannan recently optimized my website and decreased the load time from 12 seconds to 2 seconds. This is a huge benefit for me, because as a photographer, I have a lot of images which were slowing down the site. Kannan worked very quickly and proficiently. The cost was very reasonable, considering I was probably leaving a lot of inquires on the table with a previously slow load time. I highly recommend Kannan’s services for your website needs.

Mary (Lee) Buck -
Photography Instructor
- United States

After switching my theme twice and almost two years of learning WordPress my site needed the database cleaned out. I had a great site audit by MaAnna at BlogAid and now knew exactly what I needed to do to clean up core problems.

I was looking for a developer that knew his trade inside out and backwards. After seeing a post about WebspeedMaster written by Katie Barker Clark I went to check out the site. Kannan was very fast, efficient, and all business when responding to my inquiry so I took a chance and hired him to dig into my database and fix some elusive problems I was having. He is a professional and works efficiently and his fee cannot be beat. He thoroughly checked out my site and fine tuned areas I never knew existed. He did every step by hand and did not use a plugin as his only tool. I plan on keeping him as part of my “team” for future cleanups.

Marilyn Lesniak -
Food Blogger at Marilyn's Treats

For the past few months I was noticing few performance issues of my website ToolsQA.com but was lazy to look at it and fix it. It was Kan who contacted me and shared the detailed report on the performance. He promised me to fix up all the issues with the targeted performance rank and I must say that he done his job very well. Even on my request he fixed up other issues on my website. My Website performance improved from 50% to 85%.

I highly recommend Kan as a resource to optimize your site and especially for the WordPress site. He is profession, quick and responsive.

Lakshay Sharma -
- India

Kan was amazing at revising and revising the codes as we had conflict when we uploaded some of the pages so I was very impressed with the many follow up done at no extra cost till the pages loaded properly.

And yes his work did speed us our new pages, plus he gave us a list of others aspects out of his mandate that we could do to increase further the speed.

I will definitely use him again for new pages.

Faten Hodroge
- Canada

Kannan did a wonderful job on my website and increased the speed just as he promised. I had thought it was a server issue and was looking to upgrade to a very expensive monthly server but Kannan explained what was really happening on my site. He built a demo site first so that I could approve the changes and then moved everything over smoothly. I would highly recommend him.

Angela Bond -
Realtor - Bond Real Estate Group @ Keller Williams Los Angeles
- California

I always knew that site speed was important, but I had the hardest to figuring out how to solve some of my site’s speed issues. When Kan Speed contacted me, I felt like it was a worth a shot. I have been SO pleased with the work he did on my site. My traffic has increased significantly already, and he is very quick to respond. His prices are the best I’ve seen. I’ll definitely be referring to him in the future.

Katie Clark

We had a problem with our site for quite a long time as it was becoming more and more sluggish. Then we decided to start working with Kan and his team to fix the numerous issues affecting the web platform. Now that the process is finished I can say that the job was done with utmost precision and attention to detail, within reasonable and pre-agreed terms. I would recommend Kan to anyone experiencing troubles with website speed or any other site related obstacles.

Apostol Pentchev -
Director of Programming at PRVA TV & B92 TV
- Serbia
Apostol Pentchev

Kannan and his team are extremely professional, trustworthy and easy to work with. They are courteous as well as efficient and have a great deal of expertise to offer. My wife and I had been frustrated with the slow load times of the Energy Therapy website for quite a while and Kan’s team improved our website speed tremendously in just a few days, as promised, helping us reduce very slow load times of anywhere from 7-11 secs to just 1-3 secs on average. Kan listens carefully to all our questions and concerns, and I’m delighted to have him and his team work for Energy Therapy on an ongoing basis. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks!

Jaime Tanna -
Founder and Director/Owner at Energy Therapy
- UK

I highly recommend Kan for his web speed services. He helped increase my page speed and helped me with other CSS issues. He is thorough but gets things done quickly. I am very happy with everything. THANK YOU, Kan!


Incredible experience! Kannan helped make my websites lightning fast. Afterward there were some glitches due to the wordpress theme I was using and Kannan continued to work with his team until all gliches were fixed. You never know what is going to happen when you start messing with code but Kannan and his team will make sure that everything is 100% to your satisfaction and will not charge you anymore then the agreed upon price. This is hard to come by. I highly recommend Kannan and his team if you need website work. Thank you! 🙂

Todd VanDuzer -
Owner at Student-Tutor

J’ai rédigé cette recommandation sur votre travail que vous pouvez ajouter à votre profil. Avec nos remerciements, Sofiane

Sofiane Cheniti -
- France

Out of the blue I got a message from Kan that my site can be faster. The email came at the right time, but of course I was a little bit suspicious. I waited a day and checked the testimonials. I saw there was a dutch site within the testimonials, so I called the dutch company and asked for a review of Kan’s services. They were really happy with his services. So I asked for the services of Kan and his team. Really professional and very good. I had a big problem with two plugin’s that where part of the basic of my theme. One of plugin was WPML. I had one site with two languages. Kan proposed to make two sites without WPML. For a very reasonable price I have now two site with each one language and the sites are fast. During the progress we also want to have a few changes. Without any questions they fixed it till we where totally satisfied. We are 100% happy. Thanks a lot!

Bob van Soest
- Netherland

Cautious as I am to recommend or condemn, we engaged Kannan of https://www.webspeedmaster.com/ to improve the speed of our wordpress based website, GoatThroat.com, which was embarrassingly slow, at 12 – 15 seconds to load a single page. After optimization, it now takes about 2 -3 seconds, with no loss of functionality or content. There were a couple of hiccups, which Kan took care of immediately. To maximize the effect of the optimization, someone (that’s me) had to exercise each page after optimization. Without hesitation, I recommend that you contact Kan to see what he can do for your website.

NANCY Westcott -
President at GoatThroat Pumps

Kan and his team-members deliver a customer-service and experience many companies need to learn from. Their service goes beyond the proper handling of the project, honoring appointments, timely response or listening to the wishes and needs of the customer. They are there for you with other (technical) problems, even when they have nothing to do with website speed. They set customer needs above their usual standard procedures. They fully adapt to your business, problems and needs. And yes, our site-speed is faster and there are changes made that were necessary to speed up the page-loading time (such as rendering a video that was too large). But I’m especially impressed with the process and customer contact. It was a pleasant, informal and yet professional experience.

Caroline Paterson -
Online Marketeer
- Netherland

I am a photographer always trying to balance the benefits of a big portfolio of beautiful photos with the performance penalties and bloat lots of photos cause.

Kan approached me at the right time. I had just finished reexporting all of my photos as small as I felt comfortable doing so (50 quality in Lightroom) and creating brand new slideshows with the fastest slider I could find (Soliloquy). I had shrunk landing page size from nearly 30MB down to about 12.5MB, and reduced my load time (according to Pingdom) from over 20 seconds to under 10 seconds when Kan emailed me saying “for reasonable price I can shave 4 seconds off of your load time”.

I bit. I sent him all relevant log in info. Several days later both my landing page size had shrunk some more (down to 7.5mb) and my load time quickened to under 4 seconds.

Kan did exactly what he said he would in exactly the time frame he promised for a very fair price.

You want a faster website? Hire Kan.

Steven Joseph Fogarty

We hired Kan to increase the speed of our website, not only did he do a great job, he kept in contact throughout the entire process. If you are looking for someone to increase your sight and excellent customer service I would highly recommend Kann!

Darryl Batts -
Chief Communications Officer

I was very impressed with the fast response I got from Kan Speed, my website was running very slow at first and ranked “F” and within a day after Kan worked on it, it got ranked an “A” for speed with Google. He definitely kept up with his name “WEB SPEED MASTER” as thats exactly what he did with my website
I would highly recommend him if you want to increase your speed on your website. Will definitely be using him again and will also use him for my SEO projects.


Although I was nervous to give info to someone who I had no contact with, Kan was able to get my site speed from over 9 seconds, to under 3 seconds. I bet it would be even faster if my ads didn’t load so slowly. He worked quickly and give me a full list of things he had changed so I was aware. I had really tried to work on my speed beforehand, but Kan made it SO much easier.

Hilary Erickson

Kannan did a great job speeding up our websites. We are very happy with his work

Michael Nadelman
IT Master

WebSpeedMaster did an outstanding job recording my website so that the page load time went from 12-15 seconds ALL the way down to 2.5!!  I couldn’t believe it!  And everything still looks just as great on www.builduawebsite.com as it did originally.  A service WELL worth the money, time, and energy as they made the process seamless.  I highly recommend!!!

Desiree Weisenburg-Marouane
Founder of Builduawebsite
- United States

Kan of webspeedmaster approached me because he had visited my website and saw that the rate was not optimal and that customers would cost because it is proven that a slow website ensures that visitors quickly leave the website.
So I have been contacted after visiting his website and read several reviews that were positive so I approached him and asked for a quote what it would all cost to optimize my website and the costs were low and so very interesting. Today you have to watch who you what paid so I was obviously on my guard and asked if it was okay to pay half in advance and then the rest on completion and satisfaction and that was no problem so that gave me beforehand all feel better.
After our meeting, he began optimizing my website and had very close contact via email and if I had any questions I had very quickly a response. My loading time of my website has been upgraded seconds and now have a very good score.
On Gtmetrix I had a score of 91 before he began and 80 and after optimization, I have a score of 94 and 91 which is very neat. My website loading time of 8 seconds brought back to 2.5 seconds.
May be after work had been completed, I had two problems with my prestashop platform which he has solved for me without charging additional fees. So bottom line is that everything is done properly and that Kan is a pro and his work has done very well. I will in the future certainly going to use its services and for people who doubt is Kan webspeedmaster highly recommended and reliable at a very favourable rate.
Kan you for optimizing my website and our cooperation, 10+

Met vriendelijke groet
- Netherland

I want to recommend Kannan for help with your website. My choicewigs.com website needed to have its speed improved because of its architecture. Kannan did an incredible job. My website is fast and effective now. He was easy to work with and we stayed in constant communication until everything was completed to my satisfaction. Thank you for you help Kannan.

Cameron Christi -
Owner at Wealthmap Retirement Solutions

WebSpeedMaster has provided outstanding services in optimising my website’s (www.littleeglantine.com) loading speed, which previously took over 18 seconds, to an average of 2 seconds.
He worked with me via email to deliver fixes and updates to code on my website pages and provided insights on the right plugins and host to use to maximise my website.
I trust he will deliver the same excellent quality of service to all his customers and I will not hesitate to buy more time from him for future website related issues

Staub Stéphanie -
Owner & designer at Little Eglantine
- France